Trump - the opera

   The first music theater work to take on Donald Trump’s bizarre presidency has launched on the Internet and is available for free listening or download.

    “I got sick of listening to this blowhard and his ignorant excuse-making surrogates,” says Glumpf composer Roger Rudenstein, “and I just had to do something about it.”  Rudenstein is an award-winning composer with a cross over bent whose works have been nominated several times for a Grammy as well as the Pulitzer Prize.

      “The result was this opera/music theater piece about Ronald P. Glumpf, a guy, who like Trump, runs on a hate-filled platform, lies all the time, is a bully and says a lot of things that sound just like The Donald. 

       “The idea of a major party candidate whose first act in office is to try to deport 10 million people helped inspire me in a negative kind of way,” he said. “As a Jew, I can relate to how these so-called illegals are feeling when bigots like Trump want to categorize them as "animals" and ethnically cleanse them from our country.”


      “It’s a funny piece,” said Dykstra, the music director for Glumpf. “There are moments in it that I want to make my ringtone.”