New Release: "Trump versus the Immigrants" -- new episode of Trump the Opera launched on Internet

   A new episode of Trump the Opera has just been released on the Internet for free listening. "Trump vs. the Immigrants" is a musical satire written in the form of an oratorio (think Handel's "Messiah") and focuses on the horrible recent step up in Donald Trump's victimization of people coming to this country to escape persecution in their native lands.

  Trump the Opera is the brain child of composer Roger Rudenstein an award winning creator of contemporary classical music who has been nominated for a Grammy and the Pulitzer Prize in music. The opera is an ongoing project that began during the 2016 presidential campaign and continues to expand as events unfold in Washington. Thousands of people have already listened to other sections of the work: The first segment entitled "The Rise and Fall of Ronald P. Glumph" summoned over 140,000 listeners. This is unusual for a music written in the classical style.

  "The opera is written in an accessible style and so can be appreciated by all, no matter which type of music they ordinarily listen to," said Roger Rudenstein. "This latest episode was inspired by the horrific kidnapping of immigrant children carried out by Trump and his reactionary minions in the name of border security. My forbears came to this country to escape pogroms in Russia. Their children were not kidnapped by a vicious demented President; instead they were welcomed with open arms. Trump has not made America great -- he is destroying bit by bit what used to make American great."

  The music and singing on this episode are particularly accomplished and, despite the harsh subject, beautiful and rewarding to hear. It was recorded with top professional Boston singers and features an instrumental ensemble of players culled from the NOR orchestra. NOR Music is proud to present Trump the Opera as part of its project to make classical music relevant to today's audience and times.

  "Trump vs. the Immigrants" can be streamed or downloaded free from


Trump the Opera
Hugh Button